Balboa VS Series VS501Z Bundle Mini

by Balboa
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$699.95 CAD

The VS Series is designed using Balboa's patented M7 temperature and flow sensor technology and the new universal control platform and with an all plastic enclosure to eliminate water intrusion. Connectors are built in. The VS501Z model features a convertible 120/240v power supply, a 5.5kW heater and comes with mini digital control panel.

Control Pak features:

  • Replaces failure-prone mechanical pressure/flow switch
  • Can be plumbed to either suction or pressure side of pump
  • 120/240V convertible power
  • Custom plastic enclosure
  • M7 flow/ temperature sensors 
  • 5.5kw Heater
  • VS501 Spa Pak
  • Mini LCD Topside # 52144 (4.34” x 1.58”)

VS501Z Kit Complete with:

  • 5.5kw
  • VS501 Spa Pak
  • Mini LCD Topside # 52144 (4.34” x 1.58”)
  •  Cords Runs: Pump 1-2Sp, Pump 2-1Sp ( Or Blower ), Circ, Ozone & Light

Please make sure that the spa pack is correct as this item can not be returned

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