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SolarPro Curve Solar Panel Pool Heater

by Game
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GAME SolarPRO CURVE is designed to increase your pool temperature * 5 degrees in five days!

The Curve design creates a maximum solar collecting area that captures the FREE heat of the sun even as the position of the sun changes! The Curve is made from a super strong blow-molded plastic frame with a clear cover that locks in heat and deflects cooling winds. The Curve easily connects to in-ground or above ground pools and multiple units may be joined for even more heat. For multiple heaters use the GAME bypass kit listed below. * Results based on 12K gallons and outside temperature of 74-82 degrees F.

Features include:

  • Exclusive new “curve” design creates a maximum solar collecting area •
  • Clear cover wraps completely around the panel to lock in heat •
  • 14 Collector tubes allow for even water flow •
  • Threaded ports provide flexibility when connecting to either above ground (soft sided or rigid wall) or inground pool
For above ground pools up to 30’ round
Game SolarPro Brochure