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Do I need to get my hot tub serviced?

Thats a good question

Quite a few hot tub manufacturers warranties require you to have an annual service by a registered service technician. So when you purchase a new hot tub/ spa always read the terms and conditions regarding the warranty, to be safe read them a couple of times so you understand.

if you have a hot tub/ spa that is no longer covered by any warranties then it is a little different for you to choose to hire a technician or do it yourself and save money. 

If your hot tub has a leak, intermittent fault or a component failure, then you need to email us for advice as some issues can easily be fixed by buying the correct part, saving you money and time! 

If your hot tub is in good working order and has no major issues you have the time to do some basic maintenance, why pay for tech to visit when it does not guarantee that your spa will last any longer and you will be charged on top of the basic call-out for any extras, just like they do at your local garage with your car.

Our Hot Tub DIY Service Guide will be just as good and it will save you $$$$, so follow these easy routines:

Have you thought about the inside of the pipes? Just before you next drain down, why not run a Hot Tub Flush through the pipes to remove any oily deposits.
Once drained remove the filter or filters. Yes it is the worst job! Some hot tubs have 1 filter others have 2,3 or even 4 filters. On average the filters between one year to a year and a half if cleaned every 4 weeks, so they will need to be replaced at some point. They may look clean BUT are they restricting the water flow and labouring the pump? Don’t forget this is a DIY service and should be done. Aways use a hot tub cleaner solution and not a house hold detergent, the detergent will damage the filter material.

Check the Jets. Sometimes you will have a jet that either falls out or needs replacing. Now is the time, find some replacement jets here - if we do not show your jet fitting just email a picture and we will find one for you.

When you hot tub/ spa is empty give the shell a clean. If you have an acrylic shell apply our Surface Cleaner to clean it, don’t forget it may just be the tide line that you can see, but give all the shell a good wipe out plus remove headrests and clean behind them, you may be surprised at the build up of grime! If they are old then we offer replacement headrests here.

Remove any hair or debris from the suction covers, you will normally find the suction cover grates placed in the footwell of your hot tub. Some suction cover grates will be more clogged than others as they are sometimes linked for safety. Simply remove any dirt that has gathered from suction covers with a small brush or cloth before you refill the hot tub. By doing this simple routine you will help to increase the water flow and prolong the life of your pumps.

Refilling your hot tub. Turn on your hose pipe for at least 30 seconds before place it into the hot tub and use a hose pre-filter, this will help to remove any dirt or bacteria build up from the hose pipe if it has not been used for a while! To prevent air locks from happening always place the hose pipe into the filter housing and weight it down to make sure that it does not jump out when the waters turned on. Once the hot tub/ spa is full, nowise the time to add your sanitizer. Once at normal running level put in your NEW or cleaned filter. Turn on the power and run the pumps for 10 minutes to clear any air in the system and dissolve the sanitizer.

Clean you Hot tub surround. If you have a wooden cabinet its just like a fence or a shed You Must Treat It! So many owners let the spa cabinet go without. You do not need to sand it or jet wash it as this will tend to show through when you have stained it. Only use a durable one coat stain, you should never paint or a varnish. A good tip is to do it once then again about a week later, then a year later and so on. If you have a plastic or synthetic cabinet sponge down and clean with warm water. You can also use a plastic/ vinyl protector to prevent the surround from fading in the sun shine

Protect your hot tub/ spa cover. Once a year help protect your cover by using either our Cover Cleaner or Spa Polish. If your cover needs replacing please view our cover section here. We offer a wide range of colours and delivery to your door. All covers are custom made to fit your hot tub.

Advice: If your hot tub has been empty for a while, either over the winter months or whilst on vacation, Never! just fill and turn on. Always turn the pumps by hand 1st to see if they rotate. Whilst filling check for any leaks or weeps, o'rings perish, you may have frost or rodent damage. As soon as you start filling, add a sanitiser to the water. If you need any further advice please contact us.

Let us help save you money and keep your hot tub running