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How To Identify your Hot Tub Pump / Which Hot Tub Pump Do I Need ?

How to Identify Hot Tub Pump | Pool Store Canada

When looking at your hot tub pump you will notice it has two main components the wet end, and the dry end. The wet end contains the impeller which moves the water through the hot tub plumbing and jets and the dry end has a motor which turns the impeller.
To identify the correct replacement pump you will need is easy. If you can provide us with the following information we can help tp process your order quickly and efficiently.
Frame size:  When looking at replacing your pump if you have space in your hot tub for a 56 frame it is recommended that you choose this option. This is because it is more reliable in the long term, and will offer better durability as they are kept slightly cooler when running.
Measure the wet end as shown to establish what size frame you are currently using in your hot tub.
You can find the existing frame size on the label attached to your motor. See #4 on label below
Does your Hot Tub have a One or Two Speed Motor? If your motor has one RPM number then it will be one speed. If it has two RPM numbers then it will be a two speed motor. It is advisable to make a note of these numbers they will be separated by a / for two speed motors and are sometimes referred to as GIRI numbers.
Horsepower. If shown, the Horsepower commonly referred to as HP, can be useful. We cross check this information with the motor companies by looking at the amp range. This will give our team a good idea of a motors horsepower range as some companies inflate the horsepower.
Below are the high speed amps  See #3 on Label Below
7-8 amps = 1.5 HP 
9-10 amps = 2.0 HP
10-11 amps = 2.5 HP
11-12 amps = 3.0 HP
14-15 amps = 4.0 HP
    What voltage is my Hot Tub pump? Al Hot tub pumps sold in Canada and the USA are either 23 volts or 115 volts.You can check the voltage of your hot tub pump by looking at the pump motor label - See #2 on label below
    Hot tub pump motor Identifying label
    The second label on the hot tub pump will be the manufacturers I.D label. This label will contain the part number - See #1 on label below. The part number will tell us whether the pump has an intake of 2 1/2" or 2". 
    Waterway hot tub pump identity label | Pool Store Canada