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How to repair your swimming pool liner

Hang on! Where did all my water go????

If thats question you have been asking your self then you may have a leak in your pool and need a vinyl liner repair kit.... Below you will find the instructions on how to make a repair to your vinyl liner and keep the fun in the sun alive.


Cut a vinyl patch slightly larger than the damaged area. Allow from one to two inches margin larger than the damaged area rounding the corners with scissors. Apply a thin coat of  vinyl adhesive to the patch. More glue is not better. Excessive amounts of adhesive can cause various problems (such as wrinkling of the edges of the patch or glue squeezing out from the edges into the water). Apply the patch to the damaged area squeezing out water trapped under the patch. The leak is now patched. This is a slow drying adhesive, do not disturb the patch for 48 hours. Allow one week for complete drying.


The adhesive based repair kits should work at low temperatures. The cure rate will be affected. At lower temperatures more time will be necessary for the repair to completely dry.  Best used in temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


An excessive amount of adhesive was used. Apply less glue to the patch. In this case more is not better. The instructions for your patch kit indicate that you should use the adhesive sparingly .
Always remember - adhesive is toxic to fish (as are all solvent based glues). If your liner is vinyl we recommend that you drain the pond, make your repair using Boxer #500 or #700 based adhesive. Allow drying time of 2 days (in cooler weather 4-5 days). Boxer #100 adhesive based repair kits would work but complete drying time (for fish safety) would be prohibitive. For smaller leaks you can use Boxer plastic pool repair tape (Cat. #10,30).