Installing new Hot Tub pumps is easy

Here at Pool Store Canada we want to make your life easy when you instal new pumps in your hot tub/ spa. We have a great guide for you below to follow on how to install a new hot tub pump.

Before we start, we wanted to share with you a couple of bits of information on pumps and wet end life spans - 

The average pump lasts around 8 years with normal use and maintenance before you may need to replace it, this also includes the wet end.

You don't have to replace the whole pump and wet end if just one part has failed as they are easy to separate. It is always a good idea to replace the wet end seals if you do separate the pump motor from the wet end

We have a large inventory of parts for spa pumps, to fix almost any pump problem.

But…if you’d rather not get your hands dirty, and prefer to just replace the entire pump – motor and wet end, then this post is for you. Here’s how to replace a typical spa pump, wired into a spa pack.


1. Check the Frame, Horsepower, Voltage & Speed

You don’t want to install the wrong pump, so get out your reading glasses and a flashlight, and inspect the label on the pump motor. Look for FR which indicates frame type (48 or 56), HP for horsepower(1 – 5), Voltage (115 or 230) and Speed (single or dual). Replace your existing pump with the same size and type spa pump. adjustable spa-pump-volute

Also pay attention to how the pump discharge is oriented, is it on the side, or on the top center? These are two different wet ends. The side discharge spa pump can be rotated to different locations by loosening the volute screws, but the center discharge is top dead center – 12:00.

If you need help with selecting the correct spa pump, send us an email or call us on  855-204 2106

2. Turn off the Power at the Breaker

Don’t take chances, find the correct circuit breaker that supplies the hot tub and turn it off. Use a piece of tape over the breaker so that no one accidentally turns it back on. After turning off the breaker, check to be sure that power is off, now you can remove the existing old pump.

3. Disconnect Old Spa Pump

Start with removing the bare copper ground wire that is attached to the outside of the pump. Now,you can drain the hot tub/ spa, or if you have valves make sure they are closed to stop the water from running out, gently undo the union nuts on the in and out water connections of the hot tub pump. some water will drain out, so be prepared if your spa is located indoors with some old towels.

Most hot tub pumps are attached to the floor with bolts, use a wrench or socket to remove the nuts on the pump footpad.

Once you can move the pump, position it to give you easy access to the wires coming into the rear of the motor. Open up the cover plate and you will find 3-wires for a single speed pump, and 4-wires for a two-speed spa pump. With a screwdriver, nut driver or needle nose, you can remove the wires from their terminal screws, and after loosening the cord clamp on the motor, gently pull the wire cable out from the existing motor.


For a two-speed motor, note or label the high speed and low speed wires, to wire correctly to the new motor. Get out your glasses and flashlight again, you’ll find the terminal screws are labeled in very tiny print.

The colours of the wires will be - 

Green - Ground

White - Common

Red - Low

Black - High

4. Connect New Spa Pump

You’ll find it easier to wire the motor before you slide the pump underneath the spa. You should never assume the new pump has the same connections in the same sequence. For two-speed motors, low speed is usually Red, common is White and high speed is Black, and green is of course green. You should always check the wires if you are not sure! Match up the wire colour to the markings on the terminal board.

On your new pump you can find the correct terminals for the connections on a sticker on the outside of the motor.

Remove the pump cord clamp from the old motor and screw it into the wire access port of the new motor which is located on the end of the pump and looks like a large screw. Insert the pump cord through the clamp, and connect the wires to the terminals. You should never wrap the bare wire around the terminal as it may become detached over time, Always use the correct connections for your new pump type. 

Some pumps will have a screw or nut connection, or use spade connectors crimped onto the end of the wire. Make sure that your connections are tight, and no wires are touching each other.



Cable Clamp


Tighten up the cord clamp where the wires enter the rear of the motor, and replace the motor end cap or cover.

Next, you can thread on the union nuts to the new spa pump, making sure that the o-ring is still intact, and has not fallen out. Hand tighten the union nuts firmly. The final step is to re-secure the bolts that hold the motor foot pad to the floor or base. This helps cut down on vibration noise. Using a rubber pad beneath the pump can help reduce it even further.

Finally, reconnect the bare copper bonding wire to the bonding lug on your new spa pump.

5. Testing a New Spa Pump

Once the plumbing on the pump is tightened up, you can begin to fill the spa. Once you have the spa about half full, open the valves and loosen the incoming spa union to allow any air lock to escape, and tighten up firmly when water begins to drip. Continue to fill the spa full, while looking for any leaks around the new spa pump.

When the spa is full, turn on the breaker to test your spa pump, running through it’s paces. Make sure that your heater kicks on and that everything looks and sounds proper.