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Pool and Hot Tub Chemicals

With our complete range of pool and hot tub chemicals you will find it easy to keep the water crystal clear and sparkling

lets make life easy and relax with the correct chemicals for your pool or hot tub and at a great price. Choose from the most popular sanitizers such as pool and hot tub chlorine, bromine and natural choices with EconOne. With our range of test products for the water you can be assured your pool or hot tub have the correct levels of chemicals, making the water kind to your skin, eyes and hair

Hot tub and spa chemicals online | Pool Store CanadaSwimming pool chemicals online | Pool Store CanadaPool and Hot Tub Water Testing | Pool Store Canada

Here at Pool Store Canada we stock the full range of quality hot tub and swimming pool chemicals to keep your water in perfect condition. Choose from brands such as SpaLife Hot Tub / Spa chemicals, Aqua Pool Chemicals, Natural Chemistry and Ecoone and spend more time relaxing with your family and friends.