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Pool Cleaners

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What does a Pool Cleaner do?

Pool cleaners are a great addition that can help you clean your pool. The different types of pool cleaners are  manual ( Pole, Vacuum), suction, and robotic. Feel like you're spending all your free time maintaining your pool, and not enough time swimming and relaxing? if you answer Yes, then maybe it's time to buy a pool cleaner to help clean your pool

Owning a pool cleaner is great because they help you to eliminate a large and time consuming part of pool maintenance. All you need to do is choose which one suits your needs? Below we have some Pro's and Cons on the different types of cleaners available.

Suction Automatic Cleaners

Suction cleaners work by inserting the cleaner hose to either a suction line in the pool wall or placing the hose into the skimmer. The suction pool cleaner will utilize the suction from the pump to move the cleaner around the pool, scrubbing the floors and walls to eliminate dirt and debris from your pool. The dirt and debris will flow into your pumps strainer basket while the smaller particles will be caught by the pool filter. You will need to empty the pump strainer basket after every clean and back wash your filter to maintain the water quality.

Pros: Cheap to buy, only a few moving parts and easy maintenance 

Cons: Pressure is increased on filter, the pool pump needs to be running

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners do not use any pool equipment but instead run off the power from your house through an outside GFCI protected outlet. They will help to reduce the wear on your pool equipment, lower running  costs, and provide a superior cleaning of your entire pool surface. Robotic cleaners large large and small debris/ dirt in the on board filter system. Nearly all robotic cleaners will clean and scrub the pool floor, walls, water line, eliminating your need to scrub your pool walls with a brush. 

Pros: Fantasic cleaning, energy efficient, stops excess wear on your pool equipment 

CONS: Costs more upfront to buy, on board filter needs to be emptied