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Welcome To Pool Store Canada-1

Your One Stop Pool & Spa Store! Buy Online & We Will Send Your Items From Our Store To Your Door!

Here at Pool Store Canada we supply a full range of hot tub chemicals from Spa Life, Eco One, Nature2 and Natural Chemistry. In our hot tub chemicals range we stock Bromine and Chlorine sanitizers, pH+ and pH-, Chlorine Shock and Non Chlorine Shock treatments  and a full range of hot tub testing kits to suit your needs. We carry all the swimming pool chemicals to keep your pool crystal clear all summer long. In our range of pool chemicals range we stock Aqua Pool and Natural Chemistry. For Chlorine tablets and granules, Water clarifiers, pH control and Pool water shock treatments, we have them all. Hot tub filters from Pleatco and Unicel

We are 100% secure from the home page to checkout, We guarantee all data is safe on Pool store Canada!