The most common problems we hear from hot tub owners is that your water is cloudy or foamy. Maintaining a clean, clear hot tub is simple, although it does require some attention. Follow our easy guide on what to do when your hot tub water is cloudy or foamy.

Cloudy Hot Tub Water

When your hot tub water is cloudy, it’s likely due to one of three things.

Firstly, your hot tub/spa water may simply be a few months old and needs to be replaced. Even though you use hot tub chemicals, your hot tub water can become a bit tired over time. Replacing the water may resolve the cloudiness. A good house keeping rule is to change your hot tub water every 3 months, Doing this will help to maintain good water chemistry and remove all the debris that can cause cloudy water.

Secondly, another common cause of cloudy hot tub water is improper chlorine or bromine levels. Make sure you follow your hot tub chemicals guidelines for chlorine or bromine. Too much or too little chlorine or bromine can leave your hot tub cloudy or create an unhealthy hot tub environment.

And finally, check your pH levels. If your hot tub’s pH is too high or too low, this can cause cloudiness as well as damaging the hot tub surface and equipment. As with chlorine/ bromine and other chemicals, check your hot tub chemical manufacturers recommendations or contact us and we can help.

A product called clarifier can help reduce cloudiness in some cases. However, you’ll want to make sure you’ve gotten to the source of the problem to keep your hot tub from getting cloudy again in a few weeks.

Foamy Hot Tub Water

Detergents carried in on swimsuits are a common cause of foamy hot tub water. Lotions, hair care products and other body products can also cause foamy water. However, foamy water may also be a sign of low sanitizer levels.

To reduce or prevent foamy hot tub water, stick to a careful water maintenance program. It’s also a good idea to rinse guests’ swimsuits before a dip in the hot tub. A quick rinse in the shower while wearing your bathing suit can help rinse off any chemicals and detergents.

When you’re done in the hot tub, consider rinsing bathing suits in cold water, rather than washing them in detergent with the rest of your laundry. This will cut down on detergent getting into the spa or hot tub and will extend the life of your swimwear.