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AquaCheck Trutest Bromine Digital Test Meter

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    AquaChek TruTest Bromine Digital test meter takes the guess work out of testing your hot tub or pool water levels, with its innovative digital display and easy to use system AquaChek TruTest has made your life even easier. Now you can spend more time enjoying your hot tub or pool and less time testing, also you will save on the store test cost and less money on chemicals you just don't really need!
    TruTest Advantages
  • Unique, quick, easy way to keep water healthy
  • Results for Free Bromine, pH and Total Alkalinity in few easy steps
  • Spend less time testing water and more time enjoying it
  • Smart Design
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD screen for indoor/outdoor use
  • Water resistant – the pool tester simply floats if dropped in water
  • Contoured edges with non-slip ridges for a smooth, comfortable grip
  • Operates on two AA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Memory Function
  • View your last nine readings
  • Healthy Water Testing
  • Makes maintaining healthy pool or spa water much easier
  • This digital pool tester delivers clear-cut results - eliminates guesswork
  • Provides results within 30 seconds
  • Easy and fun to use
  • TruTest: An Ideal Testing Instrument
  • No guesswork, color matching or calibration needed
  • Testing technology adapted from medical industry
  • This pool testing kit is preferred by many pool service professionals
  • From the makers of AquaChek, the world's leading brand of pool and spa test strips
  • Fast, Accurate Digital Test Results
  • Unique instrument that reads colors
  • Capable of reporting numerical results between color blocks
  • More consistent than a visual colorimetric evaluation
  • Quick digital readout in place of color interpretation
  • TruTest Precision
  • The AquaChek TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader is intended to provide a convenient alternative to visual color matching, with the ease of a digital display. The meter and test strips can achieve representative readings of pool and hot tub water conditions when following all directions and using properly stored and handled, unexpired test strips.
  • In general, results are comparable to other visual testing methods obtained by a person with good color matching ability. When the water sample being tested is near or outside of the Range of Results boundaries, results may not reflect actual water conditions, chemistry problems or questionable results occur.
  • After testing, consider these actions:
  • Compare the result with the water parameter range recommended per equipment or chemical program
  • Treat the water per chemical manufacturer's instructions
  • Re-test for confirmation of the result
  • Consult with a pool or hot tub professional
  • The Pool Test Kit Includes:
  • TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader
  • User's guide in 15 languages
  • Pool Care and Treatment Information
  • 25 TruTest Bromine Digital Strips