Blue Print by Natural Chemistry SOAK Shock Pods 30 Pack

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These easy-to-handle pods contain a powerful oxygen-based oxidizer that eliminates odours, including chlorine smell. Shock Oxidizer Pods dissolve quickly and are gentle on spa surfaces. One pod treats up to 945L of hot tub water. Shock Oxidizer Pods are compatible with spas using both chlorinating and brominating products. Simply toss and go with this revolutionary new way to shock your hot tub!

  • Container Size: 30 water soluble pods, 28.3g each
  • Use one pod to treat up to 945L water in your hot tub / spa
  • Compatible with Bromine, Chlorine, or Lithium sanitizers

Blue Print SOAK Oxidizing Shock Pods are compatible with spas using chlorinating or brominating products or lithium.