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EcoOne Enzyme Active Filter boost

$13.95 CAD



EcoOne Enzyme Active Filter Boost is recommended for high bather load spas, to improve filtration performance in pleated hot tub filters.

EcoOne's proprietary blend of natural ingredients boosts filter efficiency, by naturally breaking down body oils, lotions and other organic impurities. It makes heavily used hot tub filters easier to clean. The non-foaming, natural formula will not alter spa water chemistry.

Features of Enzyme Active Filter Boost:

Biodegradable and will not alter water chemistry
Non-foaming formula
Naturally breaks down body oils, lotions, deordorants and other organic contaminants
Add 2 capfuls directly into spa filter area every month.

If you have filtration issues, you may also consider using a PuraSPA 1 Micron Filter which filter a lot better than typical pleated filters (limited sizes available). Do not use Enzyme Active Filter Boost with PuraSPA 1 Micron Filters - it is not needed and will be filtered out immediately.

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