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Carvin Jacuzzi SaniClear 20 Salt Water System for up to 16,500 Gallons (62,500 L)

by Jacuzzi
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The SaniClear 20 by Jacuzzi is a great addition to your pool whether its above ground or in ground. With its easy plug and play installing you are guaranteed to be in your pool in no time at all!

The SaniClear 20 comes with some great features such as the self cleaning cell and the 1 button super chlorination function not to mention you can also check the temperature of the pool water before you leap in.

Check these great features:

  • SELF CLEANING: Prolongs the life of generator cell by automatically reversing polarity every 100 minutes. This action breaks dawn scale and reduces maintenantce.
  • DUAL VOLTAGE: The unit can be powered by either 110v or 220v.
  • LCD DISPLAY: track the sanity level, water temperature, % of chlorine output all at the push of a button.
  • SUPER CHOLRINATION FUNCTION: At the push of a button, the SRS system will "shock" your pool for 24 hours.
  • CHLORINE LEVEL CONTROL: You can increase or decrease the chlorine level with a simple turn of the dial.
  • 2" UNIONS: SRS cames with 2" unions that allows for easy installation on any size pool plumbing.
  • PLUG AND GO CONTROLS: The system cames with plug and go connections. Cables from the cell plug into the control box which means no wiring.