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Red Leopard Orbit Suction Pool Cleaner

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     Red Leopard suction pool cleaner

The Premium Suction Pool Cleaner

Orbit – the ultimate example of a diaphragm powered pool cleaner. The tough one-piece body is perfectly balanced and, when combined with the legendary diaphragm beating at 360 times a minute, ensures maximum cleaning power, to deliver amazing cleaning results.
Simple - and so strong
The unique one piece body means there are no clips, nuts, bolts or hinges to corrode, split, wear or break. In addition, Orbit has one moving part, the diaphragm, and only eleven parts in total. The strength and simplicity of Orbit makes it highly effective, durable and economical to own and maintain
A strong and powerful heart
Orbit has a strong, powerful heart to move it effortlessly around the pool, vacuuming all the debris. Over many years the flexible diaphragm has proven to be the superior drive mechanism for suction pool cleaners. It beats 360 times per minute, which means that during an 8 hour cycle, the diaphragm will open and close over 170,000 times!
Quad-Port Cleaning
Orbit has 4 suction ports, which ensures debris can be picked up through a full 360°. This means that debris is collected not just in the direction of travel. Debris on the side is also sucked into the Orbit chamber and removed from the pool
Super-Flex Orbital Deflector
The flexible nature of this deflector wheel creates a spring-like effect to help power Orbit around in-pool obstacles, such as steps and ladders. The orbital shape helps increase random movement

 Features include:

  • High performance aero disc - designed for optimum suction and ease of movement around the swimming pool – effortlessly gliding along the bottom of the pool, up the sides and around steps.
  • New footpad with 4 x large suction vents – for greater pick up of bigger debris, such as dirt, debris, leaves, bugs and pebbles.
  • Powerful diaphragm drive technology – the heart of the machine, beating 360 times a minute to create strong suction and superb cleaning performance.
  • One piece body for maximum strength – no nuts, bolts or clips (which can break easily).
  • Quiet and efficient – no electric power supply or additional plumbing required.
  • Flexible deflector wheel – improves pool cleaning coverage and helps prevent Orbit from getting caught on steps, ladders or corners – keeping it cleaning effortlessly.
  • Water-flow control – Orbit comes with a compact waterflow control device to automatically regulate the flow of water from the swimming pool to the skimmer, ensuring optimised suction and overall cleaning performance.
  • No bags to empty – Orbit directs all dirt and debris straight to your swimming pool filter via the skimmer, so no need to empty or replace any bags.
  • Ready to go – Orbit is easily assembled and working in minutes of opening the box.

In the Box:

  • Orbit Cleaner
  • Complete with Footpad
  • Disc
  • 40' x Sectional Hose 
  • 2 x Hose Weights
  • Flow Control Valve Adaptor
  • Deflector Wheel
  • Warranty - 1 year