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Spa Boss BromAid

$7.00 CAD $13.95 CAD



Spa Boss Brom Aid (Sodium Bromide) is part A of the 2 part bromine sanitizing system. When combined with SpaBoss Energize it creates bromine which controls bacteria and algae in the hot tub water. When added it starts to disinfect immediately and is completely soluble. The 2 part bromine system does not affect the pH or total alkalinity of the water and is easy to apply. The bromine level in your spa should be maintained between 3-5ppm.

SpaBoss Brom Aid is liquid Sodium Bromide and can be used in bromine generators such as the Genisis Bromine Generator and the in.clear system. It is a replacement product for the Tru-Blu Sodium Bromide product from Pioneer H2O.

Size: 1L

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