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SpaSolution® Filter Soak Filter Cleaner 480ml

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SpaSolution® Filter cleaner is a great way to clean your hot tub and pool filters and be Eco Friendly using this natural chemical free solution.

480 ml typically lasts a year or more
An enzyme based cleanser for your pleated filter (Pool or Spa)

Directions for use:

  • Remove filter and add one bottle of Spa Purge directly into heated water of hot tub. If spa is older than 5 years, two bottles of Spa Purge us recommended.
  • Maintain water temperature at a minimum of 31°C and circulate water for a minimum of 8 hours a day for the five day purge period.
  • Drain and flush tub and its plumbing, including the filter area: rinse thoroughly and re-fill up the foot well, drain and rinse thoroughly again.
  • Fill tub with fresh water (soft water if available) and add one bottle of spa solution

Spa Solution is 100% non-toxic to all living creatures.

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