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Sensors, probes and cables

Hi limit sensors are the way you hot tub tells the control system that all if ok, if the hi limit sensor detects any issues with the temperature of the water in your hot tub it will send a signal to the control system and will automatically shut off the heating until the fall is corrected.

The temperature of the water is detected using the thermostatic probe that is placed either directly on the heater tube or with in the hot tub housing. The thermostat sends a signal to the control system and the key pad that allows you to set the temperature to your preferred level. 

The pressure sensor or flow switch is used to detect a flow of water through the hot tub heater. Pressure sensors are normally placed on the heater housing and flow sites are placed in the return pipe work. If a water flow is not detected then the system will shut the heater off for safety and a code will display on the top side key pad.