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Pool Ionizer Systems

Clear Blue Pool Ionizer

ClearBlue Pool Ionizer Systems reduce the chlorine concentration by 40%*
Ionization is an effective algaecide and assists in controlling bacteria. This allows the chlorine in the water to work more effectively, so you can safely reduce the concentration to 0.6 - 3ppm from the 1 - 3ppm that is recommended with chlorine alone.

Part of a complete system for lowering chlorine concentration
According to EPA and Health Canada, no approved pool sanitizer is 100% chlorine (or bromine) free. But with a ClearBlue pool ionization system, you can minimize the concentration while maintaining water that is safe for you and your family.

Lowers the chlorine concentration in “salt water pools”
You may not realize that “salt water pools” are actually using chlorine. Salt-based chlorinators use the salt in the water to generate chlorine. With a ClearBlue, you can reduce the level of chlorine in the pool to 0.6 - 3ppm.

ClearBlue in combination with salt-based chlorinators allows you to set the chlorine output to the lowest setting. This extends the life of expensive salt cells, while keeping the water clean and clear, even after heavy use.

Fresh water, lower chlorine prevents drying and itching
ClearBlue releases microscopic mineral ions into the water which gives it a fresh, comfortable feel. You won’t get the drying, itching and fading effect that can happen in pools with a higher chlorine concentration. The ions in the water are also great for your skin. You’ll feel the difference right away.

Unaffected by sunlight
Intense sunlight can reduce the effectiveness of unstablized chlorine. ClearBlue ions maintain a consistent concentration under all sun conditions.

pH Neutral
ClearBlue ions have no effect on the pH level of your water.

Easy, low cost pool maintenance
Once the ClearBlue Ionizer is installed, you set it and forget it. You will spend less time balancing pH and stabilizing chlorine. You may need less algaecide and clarifiers. The electrodes that release ions are replaced about once a year.

Safe for the environment
Water drained from a ClearBlue pool is completely safe and will not harm your surrounding plants or landscape.
The next generation of spa and hot tub ionizer system
A precise ion output
ClearBlue has an advanced digital controller that accurately regulates the ion output. This reduces the risk of staining that comes with the older generation of ionizers.

Spa Ionizer keeps protecting while the spa or hot tub is turned off
ClearBlue ions remain in solution and control algae in your hot tub or spa even when the pump isn’t running. UV systems, which help to oxidize organic material and chloramines, only work when the spa is on and water is flowing through the UV chamber.

Will not corrode your spa, cover and accessories
ClearBlue ions are completely safe for your hot tub and cover and will never cause fading or corrosion. Ozone systems, which are frequently installed on spas to help oxidize organic waste, will also corrode your accessories and cover.

Easy, low cost hot tub and spa maintenance
Once the spa ionizer is installed, you set it and forget it. The electrodes can last up to three years in a hot tub or spa.

How does it work?

Pool ionization starts with mineral ions
ClearBlue continuously releases microscopic ions into the water that assist in controlling bacteria and algae. Ions are picked up by the water as it passes over an electrode that is installed into the plumbing of your pool or spa.

What's an ion?
An ion is a molecule where the number of protons and electrons is different, giving the molecule a net positive or negative electrical charge. Because of this charge, ions are attracted to algae and destroy it on contact.

What's an electrode?
A ClearBlue Electrode is a mineral fork that releases ions into the water according to the settings on the ClearBlue controller.

Modern technology
ClearBlue extracts a proprietary blend of ions to cleanse and purify the water, while leaving your skin smooth and soft after each swim or soak.

Controlled at the touch of a button
Ion levels can be adjusted to the size of your pool and tub at the touch of a button. A test kit included with your ClearBlue allows you to test and maintain copper ion levels at 0.2 - 0.4ppm.

How do I install it?
The ClearBlue comes with a PVC tee that can be placed anywhere in the plumbing of your pool or hot tub. Ideally, it should be placed as close to the water or filter as possible. The tee can be horizontal or vertical.

Clear Blue Ionizer for hot tubs and Pools | Pool Store Canada

The ClearBlue electrode which houses the minerals that create the ions is threaded into the tee.

The ClearBlue controller is an electrical device that is fastened to a flat surface near the tee. A cord from the controller plugs into the electrode.

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