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Hot Tub Heaters and Elements

Balboa hot tub and spa heaters and elementsGecko hot tub and spa heaters and elements

Here at Pool Store Canada, We aim to carry all the hot tub/ spa heaters that are available in Canada. We Stock Gecko, Balboa and Laing. If you find your hot tub / spa does not heat as it used to, then you will need a new heater or element.

Over time scale and debris will build up on the heater element and cause it to over heat or burn out. if you heater gets too hot this will cause the hi-limit switch to turn off the power to the heater and your hot tub will become cold. Look for errors on the top side keypad such as  -  BJ2P, C4.4, ER2/3, err5 and HL, HFL, HH and OHH. All these codes are warnings relate to the hi limit sensor.

To help prevent this you can use a scale inhibitor such as Spa Life Secure, this will help to break down the calcium and stop or reduce the build up on the element.