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Winterizing Super Gizzmo

by Gizzmo
SKU MKW-70-6554 - SCP
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Super Gizzmo 1 1/2"

The Super GIZZMO is designed to absorb the expansion of water as it freezes in the skimmer for inground swimming pools. The Super GIZZMO is 16 inches long and installs in big deep skimmers of most in-ground swimming pools. The Super GIZZMO has both 1.5" and 2" threads and features a generous bar style handle. The double threads offer convenience by accomodating most skimmers with one item. For a superior fit, the GIZZMO should be installed with teflon tape on the thread. The Teflon tape will improve the watertightness of a joint and threaded fitting. 

How to use the Gizzmo:

  • Lower the water level
  • Blow out lines
  • Screw Gizzmo into Skimmer

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