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Swimming Pool Equipment Checklist: What You Need for Your Pool

Swimming Pool Equipment Checklist: What You Need for Your Pool

According to the latest research, there are over 10.7 million pools in North America.

If you own one of those pools, you'll need some pool equipment to go with it.

Having the right pool equipment ensures that your pool is safe and clean to swim in, so keep reading to find out what you should include to prepare your pool for summer.


One of the main components of pool maintenance is ensuring that your water and chlorine are at the right chemicals. You'll need a chemical pool kit to test it and adjust it.

You'll have to adjust things like the calcium hardness, pH, and total alkalinity of your pool to ensure that it's safe to swim in. You should be testing your pool before you open it and also test it every few days.

You should have some extra chemicals stocked up because you'll be using them to rebalance the chemistry in your pool.


When the chemicals in your pool are accurate, you'll also need to clean up debris from the pool as well. This is where a telescopic pole comes in handy.

You can use different attachments to vacuum, skim, brush, and clean your pool. You can extend or shrink the pole as well to reach some of the hard spots without having actually to get in.

You can save a lot of energy and time by having one of these poles. When you're looking for one, make sure you find one that's made durably and also is made of aluminum so that it'll last longer.

Skimmer Attachment

The skimming attachment is one of the most important attachments you can get for your telescopic pole. This can help you get debris off the surface of the water before they fall to the bottom of the pool.

The skimmer attachment looks like a net, and it's made from fine mesh. This means it can pick up objects like dead bugs, leaves, trash, or plastic.

Brush Attachment

The brush attachment is a great way to clean your pool to ensure that no algae start growing on it. You can screw this onto your pole and then start scrubbing your pool.

By preventing any algae from growing, you'll make sure that your pool doesn't have any green or cloudy water.

This is also the best way to ensure the chemicals in your pool stay balanced as long as possible.


The filter for your pool ensures that the water in your pool is clean, and it will also remove any of the contaminants or dirt that you're not able to. This will keep your water safe to swim in, but it'll also look cleaner.

There are many different types of pool filters that you can get, including:

  • Sand filters
  • Cartridge filters

Each of them has its pros and cons, but if you're new to owning a pool, a sand filter might be the best option as it's the easiest to manage.

Teflon Tape and Lube

You can use Teflon lube for your basket gasket. This will help ensure that there is an airtight seal, which can make your pool pump work easier and ensure it lasts longer.

While you're lubricating it, make sure you look at your o-rings and gaskets as well. If they're cracked or worn, you need to replace them.

Teflon tape is also great to keep in your kit because you can use it on drain plugs, pressure gauges, and other threaded fittings.

For example, you can put Teflon tape on your drain caps. The drain caps are on some filters, and if you put them on the threaded spigot, you can make it last longer and work better as well.


Your pool should also have a vacuum, and it's divided into three different parts. You'll have the vacuum head, the hose, and the pole (which we mentioned earlier.

The vacuum head will actually vacuum the pool floor. It can snap onto your telescopic pole, but there are some vacuums that connect to a hose and run on their own.

If you have a vacuum hose, you can connect it to your skimming machine. This will give your vacuum the pressure that it needs to go along the surface of your pool and suck up any debris.

This is a great device that you can throw in your pool for a few hours and not have to worry about cleaning it yourself.

Safety Cover

A safety cover for your pool will not only ensure that your pool is safe to be around, but it'll also reduce the amount of pool maintenance that you'll need to do.

Most safety covers will come with a kit that includes a storage bag, hardware to apply it, and an anchor key.

When your safety cover isn't applied to the top of your pool, make sure that you store it somewhere safe. Sometimes rodents or insects will get into your pool cover and start chewing it. Instead, try storing it somewhere inside.

Discover Other Pool Equipment You'll Need

These are only a few pieces of pool equipment that you'll need to run your pool, but there are many different options available.

If you want to ensure that your pool is safe and clean to swim in, you need to find your supplies at the right place.

Check out our website today to find all of the pool supplies you'll need in one place!

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