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A Guide to the Different Types of Hot Tub Covers

A Guide to the Different Types of Hot Tub Covers

There are many health benefits to owning and using a hot tub, and as such, many people are choosing to buy one of these devices for their homes. Still, with the cold Canadian wind, you want to keep the tub warm and free from blown debris. But with so many different hot tub covers, which should you pick?

To help you out, we have listed several of the most popular covers available. You should ensure you understand more about each one as you read this article. This way, you will make the best decision for your home moving forward.

Hard Covers

Manufacturers make most of these covers from rigid materials used together to provide insulation. The most popular materials for these include expanded polystyrene and vinyl. They also tend to be water-retardent, meaning you can place them on top of the hot tub, and they will not gain weight aside from condensation.

People choose these for many reasons, such as the fact that they are harder to remove from the tub. This grants you extra security when you are in the area, preventing animals or intruders from using the tub without your knowledge.

These covers also last much longer than soft ones due to their durability. You can expect it to often last as long as the rest of the tub without needing a replacement.

Soft Covers

Soft covers usually comprise a canvas material or soft vinyl. These are lightweight and malleable materials and are much easier to pick up and place over the tub. They are great for people who cannot move a hard cover on their own.

This option is also a lot more affordable than most hard covers. As they use less material, you can pick one up and even replace it without approaching the cost of a hefty hard cover.

Another benefit of soft covers is how malleable they are. As they comprise lightweight materials, you can roll them up to put them into storage for long periods and grab them out when needed.

Sometimes you want to either move the cover away from the hot tub or move the whole hot tub itself. Having a cover as part of your hot tub care routine can mean the difference between whether cleaning the tub is a burden—or not.

Heat Covers

There are three main types of hot tub cover that can help you reduce heat loss in your tub. Some keep the heat in, while others allow more heat to enter from the outside. Insulated covers are described above under "Hard Covers," although other options are available:

Solar Covers

These are also called "bubble covers" or "solar blankets." They tend to prevent debris from entering your hot tub from the outside but are also made of a transparent material that lets the sun's rays in. This traps heat and can raise the temperature of the water without you needing to turn on the device itself.

These types of hot tub covers serve two purposes. First, they provide a comfortable experience on first entering the tub and save you a lot of money on your energy bill. As well as these benefits, they are also cheap compared to harder options.

Thermal Blankets

A thermal blanket acts much like a solar cover but is not transparent. This means any heat from the outside is much less likely to enter the tub.

Instead of using a thermal blanket alone, you are likelier to put it in place over a traditional cover. This allows them to work in tandem to keep heat in and debris out.

Hydraulic Covers

These allow you to use minimal strength to raise and lower the cover on your hot tub. You can manually pick up the cover and put it behind the hot tub using a hydraulic system. Some even allow the owner to lock them in place when down for extra security.

They can run a little more expensive for many people, though, and can be less convenient if you want to remove the cover from the area.

Automated Covers

Using a motorized system, these lift the cover off of the hot tub at the push of a button. They are one of the more expensive hot tub accessories available on the market due to the electronics inherent in the device. Though, if you can afford it, getting someone to install such a cover can be a real cherry on top of having a hot tub in the first place.

Roll-Up Covers

These are a mid-point between hard covers and soft covers. They comprise several slats the user can roll up to form a cylinder for storage. They have a soft bottom layer that sits on the hot tub, protecting it, and a stiff upper layer to set other items on top of without damaging the cover.

These have a unique aesthetic, giving your hot tub a rustic look while not taking away from the functionality.

Lockable Covers

Sometimes you want to know no animals or children will enter the hot tub. This is both for safety and to ensure the tub remains clean.

By having a lock on the edge of the cover, you can secure it for long periods, giving you the peace of mind you need.

Learn More About the Best Hot Tub Covers

With this list of hot tub covers, you should be able to choose among the best options to find something perfect. Still, you might want more information on each before making the final choice. Of course, we would be happy to help you.

Our hot tub experts can guide you through the buying process, asking about what you need and suggesting something perfect. So, send us a message and let us know your needs today so we can guide you to the best cover for your enjoyment tomorrow.

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