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The Best Hot Tub Accessories for Summer

The Best Hot Tub Accessories for Summer

Summer is here once again, which means your outdoor hot tub can be put to more regular use. A summertime soak in the hot tub can be refreshing and rejuvenating, helping to regulate your body temperature and keep your body hydrated. If you’re looking to enhance your hot tubbing experience this summer, here are some must-have accessories to add to your spa.


Take your hot tub relaxation to the next level with a vinyl-coated foam neck and back pillow. Hot tubs help the body to relax by improving blood circulation and relieving joint and muscle tension. It takes some timefor your body to adjust to the temperature of the hot tub, especially if your body is tense with high levels of stress. Hot tub pillows help ease that transition into the water so you can feel comfortable as soon as your toes steps into the tub. Help relax your body with a water-friendly hot tub pillow.


Aromatherapy is another great way to increase the relaxing properties of your hot tub. Specific scents can trigger a response in the brain that encourages the mind and body to calm down and refocus. Aromatherapy has even been proven to increase energy and improve short-term memory.Spazzazz offers a series of hot tub aromatherapy crystals in a variety of scents, from French Vanilla to Eucalyptus, so there’s a flavour for everyone. Add some aromatherapy into your hot tub routine with a water-soluble fragrance.


Do you like checkers or a good game of poker? Play them from the comfort of your hot tub with water-resistant game boards. Waterproof playing cards are a great way to have some fun while you soak, and this floating checkers board comes with a drink tray so you can have all the luxuries of game night without leaving the water. Spice up your summer soak by adding some water-resistant fun and games to your hot tub.

A hot tub is a great place to unwind during the warmer months. Hot tubs help keep you relax and rejuvenated even during the hottest heat waves. If you’re looking for more accessories to keep you calm and entertained this summer, Pool Store Canada has plenty of hot tub products – including spa chemicals in Canada - to suit all of your needs.
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