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Great Hot Tub Accessories for Winter

Great Hot Tub Accessories for Winter

With winter coming now is the time to enjoy your hot tub while relaxing in the amazing winter landscape around you. Spending time with family and friends can be the best thing about using your hot tub during cold weather.

I’ve heard of people jumping out of the hot tub to make a snow angel on the powdered ground then jumping back in to defrost and chuckle at the daredevil move. If it were my choice, I would choose to remain in the warm water of the hot tub and chuckle at someone else jumping out to make a snow angel, I’m not sure that one is for me though. I have also heard of families playing games in the cold rain. There is something about a hot tub and cold weather that seems to bring on the games.

There are a few hot tub accessories to help you enjoy your Hot Tub and enhance your experience, especially during the winter months when it’s unbearably cold outside:

Hot Tub Lights and Games: What could be better than relaxing in your hot tub, with snow on the ground and in the trees and a beautiful clear winter sky. Add to this a pack of water proof playing card and a floating drinks tray and now your all set for a night of fun with friends and family. 

To add to the atmosphere why not add a floating Underwater Light show that will change colour and shine the lights up to the surrounding trees or gazebo!

Hot Tub Covers: “Durable and sturdy hot tub covers are vital winter hot tub accessories. Reduce your hot tub’s energy requirements to heat the water with a quality hot tub cover that insulates your hot tub properly and does not allow heat to escape and cold winter air or moisture to be let in.

Cover Protectant: Ensure that your hot tub cover maintains the tub’s heat when it is not being used by properly caring for it. Regularly use spa cover protectant to prevent your cover from fading and cracking. Even during the winter, UV rays can be harsh and damaging to your hot tub cover.

Cover Lifters: You certainly don't want to stand in the cold wrestling with your Hot Tub  cover do you? Not me. Cover lifters are easy to install hot tub accessories that take the heavy lifting out of removing your hot tub cover.

Floating trays: I certainly look forward to a cup of hot chocolate when it’s cold out. Enjoy your Hot tub while sipping on a warm cup of hot chocolate to keep you happy and content. The Kool Tray serves as a great side tray to hold your drinks near and easy to reach.

What hot tub accessories do you feel are the most beneficial during winter, spring, summer and fall? Share your ideas with us on our Facebook page


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