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Hot Tub Not Heating? 7 Common Causes and Fixes

Hot Tub Not Heating? 7 Common Causes and Fixes

Hot tubs make up a billion-dollar industry today. People love the feeling of soaking in a tub to relieve the stressors of the day, or as a way to spend time with company.

Hot tub maintenance is key, and you need to understand the warning signs that something is off. The water failing to get hot is always a telltale sign that you have a hot tub issue on your hands.

If you have a hot tub not heating up correctly, there's always a good reason. The tips below will explain in detail what you should know about hot tub maintenance and repair so that you're able to get back to enjoying your leisure.

1. The Thermostat Needs Calibration

When temperatures are the issue that you're dealing with, always start with the thermostat. This is one of the most common hot tub repair needs that you'll have.

If your hot tub thermostat isn't properly calibrated, it will output erroneous temperatures. Hot tubs built with mechanical thermostats can often be calibrated manually. You'll need to rotate the hex screw a bit to adjust it, and then try the water temperatures again in about a half-hour.

Digital thermostats will require the assistance of a professional. Check the thermostat before going further down your checklist.

2. You Have Dirty or Clogged Filters

Next, the water might also not get hot because of the filters. This doesn't mean that you have a broken hot tub, just that you may need to change out the filters.

These filters get dirty and clogged with gunk, sometimes to the point that it disrupts water flow. You should clean your filters every 3 to 4 months as part of your maintenance. Change them completely every year or two to preserve optimal performance.

3. A Sensor Is Malfunctioning

Dealing with sensor issues can also cause your tub to not heat up correctly. These sensors allow the different components of the hot tub to communicate. A malfunctioning sensor can also lead to bad temperature reads.

When this happens, your tub might not heat up the way that it's supposed to. The sensor might also give you several false error codes pertaining to your thermostat, water level, water flow, pump, and other components. It's one of the most important hot tub parts, and also one of the most sensitive when it's malfunctioning.

4. Look Into the Breakers

Keep in mind that your hot tub significantly relies on your energy infrastructure. It uses a lot of electricity, so there are several situations where a short or other electrical issue can occur.

If the hot tub won't turn on altogether, you might be dealing with a tripped circuit breaker. When this happens, locate the circuit breaker panel and flip the switch back to its correct position. Label all of your switches clearly so that you know what's going on as soon as you check.

Thorough hot tub maintenance means also looking into your electrical systems and other parts of your home infrastructure.

5. There's a Pipe Clog

Your plumbing utilities are another crucial piece of the puzzle that will make sure your tub is working correctly. A simple clog could wreak havoc on your plumbing, to the point that it obstructs water flow.

In addition to having the right spa supplies, get the help of a professional that can also test your pipes to make sure they're draining properly. If your tub is installed outside right in your yard, it likely will deal with more of the elements. This means that leaves, sticks, dirt, and other types of debris can clog your system and create a huge issue.

Take the time to get your plumbing system inspected each year to make certain that the pipes are draining how they should.

6. The Pump Is Broken

Your hot tub might also be dealing with a pump malfunction if the water isn't heating up. The pump is the part responsible for letting your water circulate how it should.

If it's broken or not working how it should, then hot water won't fill up your tub. Replacing and repairing the pump are among the most common repairs that hot tub owners get.

Have a professional inspect your pump first to make certain that the pump is the issue. From there, they can test it and help you find the correct replacement part.

7. You Need to Correct the Water Level

When the water is heating up how it's supposed to, you might also be contending with a water level issue. If the hot tub doesn't fill up all the way, the spa skimmer might suck in cool air. When this happens, it can prevent the water from heating up the way that it should, keeping the water cooler than you'd like.

If the skimmer door gets jammed, the hot tub heater can possibly overheat. This will cause a malfunction in the entire heating system, which will also prevent your water from heating up.

Keep your water levels adequate as outlined by the manufacturer, and check for these issues if the water won't get hot.

Hot Tub Not Heating? Start Here

A hot tub is a health and wellness oasis for many people. By taking care of your hot tub, you can use it to your heart's content.

These are the tips to consider if your hot tub is not heating and you need to know why. Next, reach out to a team of pros that can help you with any hot tub issue that you're having.

Pool Store Canada can help you when you need to shop for spare and replacement hot tub parts. If you'd like to get in touch for more information, contact us online or call (866)316-9064

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