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Aqua Pool Chemicals

Aqua Pool chemicals are simply a perfect companion for your pool, from start up chemicals to every maintenance products.... They have them all!

Browse the complete range of Aqua Pool products to find what you need. For a clean and healthy pool you will need to add either Bromine or Chlorine on a weekly basis as part of your maintenance schedule. Always maintain a level of Bromine between 2ppm and 5ppm and for Chlorine the level should be between 1ppm and 3ppm for the optimal cleaning effect. Remember Chlorine and Bromine are sanitizers that will kill bacteria and help burn off oils and grease from the water.

Maintaining the correct pH level is as important as the sanitizer level. pH lower than 7.2ppm will produce Acid in the pool water and this will cause damage to the pool surface and the equipment such as pumps and filters used to run the pool.  Pool water with a pH higher than 7.8ppm will become Alkaline, the Alkaline will produce calcium deposits that can build up over time on heaters and equipment such as pumps as well as leaving unsightly scum lines around the pool water line line. A pH level between 7.4ppm and 7.6ppm is required to keep the water perfect and the pH neutral.


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