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Pool Heater Pressure Switches

Whether your pool heater is Gas or Electric, you will need to have a pressure switch installed.

Commonly located on the side behind a panel ( i.e; Hayward), the pressure switch will measure the water pressure between the pool pump and the heater unit. If the pressure to the heater falls the pressure switch will send a signal to the heater control board to shut down.

The pressure will protect your investment in the pool heater by not allowing any heat to generate should a pressure failure happen. In no circumstances should a pressure switch be by-passed, doing so will have extremely dangerous consequences.

When installing the pressure switch, make sure to isolate the hearer unit from the power source and close all valves to prevent water leaking.

Always install the pressure switch with teflon tape on the thread (1 or 2 layers only) and make sure to replace the wire contacts in the identical position as per the failed unit.

Depending on make of pool heater, the following codes will signal a pressure switch failure:

  • Lo - Hayward
  • PRS - Raypak