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Hot Tub Chemicals

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Maintain Your Hot Tub And Spa With Our Complete Range Of Chemicals

To keep your hot tub or spa clean and healthy you will need chemicals to sanitize your water and prevent harmful algae and bacteria from forming. Many hot tub and spa owners find keeping the right balance of healthy water can be a challenge. 

Using the correct amount of bromine, chlorine and other hot tub/ spa chemicals is important to maintain your water to ensure it stays clean and safe. You must be careful not to use too many chemicals as this will affect the quality of the water, to keep your hot tub/ spa healthy and a pleasant place to relax always read the labels and take a look at our hot tub maintainence guides.

 Here at Pool Store Canada you will find sanitizers, defoamers and Filter cleaners to help you maintain a happy and healthy hot tub and spa, all at a great price too!

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