Aqua-Flow Circ-Master 1/15HP, 120V Center Discharge Circulation pump

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$360.29 CAD
$270.00 CAD

Genuine AQUA-FLO Circ-Master™ HP hot tub circulation pump.

Aqua-Flo by Gecko's Circ-Master pumps take 24-hour filtration to a new level, delivering the highest GPM of any hot tub circulation pumps in the spa industry. Higher GPM allows the Circ-Master to operate a high-flow heating system resulting in increased heating efficiency and up to four times the filtration.


  • 48 frame, continuous-duty construction
  • Sealed lubricated bearings to extend life cycle
  • 1/15 Operating HP/ 1/8HP
  • 115Volt, 60HZ
  • 1 Speed operating at 1.3 Amps
  • Compression fitting included
  • Carbon-graphite self-lubricating seal designed for continuous duty operation.
  • 1 1/2" inlet and outlet.



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