Gecko 'Y' Series IN.YE-5, IN.K450 Pack Bundle

by Gecko
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The gecko YE5 includes:

  • IN.YE-5 IN.K450 Bundle includes: In.YE-5 Spa Pak, IN.K450 Topside Control, 1 2-speed Amp Cord, 2 1-speed/Aux Amp Cords, 1 Light Cord, and Adapter Plate

Features :

  • Each pack supports keypads, heater, a 12 V AC light, and configurable relays (5 or 7, depending on model) 
  • Solid-state water flow detection: No pressure switch to adjust 
  • IPX5 rated waterproof design 
  • Preloaded configuration allows fast and easy installation 
  • in.touch WiFi module compatible 
  • 120/240 V convertible 
  • Each output voltage can be configured 120/240 V 
  • AMP, Quick Connect, JJM adaptor available 
  • Standard 2” heater  (Included)
  • Aeware keypad compatible 
  • Minimum flow rate of 20GPM required

Gecko handy guides

Please make sure that the spa pack is correct as this item can not be returned

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