Gecko 'YE-7' Series Spa Pak Inc 2" Heater

by Gecko
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$737.00 CAD

Gecko IN.YE-7 Spa Pak Runs Pump 1: 2sp, Pump 2: 2sp, Pump 3: 1sp, Blower, Circ, Ozone, Light, 4kW heater, 7 outputs total (runs up to 5 pumps, each 2sp pump uses two outputs) (dim 19.6”x14.5”x5.1”)

Feature supports:

  • IN. Series keypads ( Not included )
  • 12 V AC light
  • Configurable relays (5 or 7, depending on model)
  •  Solid-state water flow detection: No pressure switch to adjust
  •  IPX5 rated waterproof design
  •  Preloaded configuration allows fast and easy installation
  •  in.touch WiFi module compatible • 120/240 V convertible
  •  Each output voltage can be configured 120/240 V
  •  AMP, Quick Connect, JJM adaptor available
  •  Standard 2” heater included
  •  Aeware keypad compatible


Geck 'Y' Series handy guides:

Please make sure that the spa pack is correct as this item can not be returned

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