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Madimack GT Freedom i45 Cordless Cleaner (4.5hr battery)

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Discover the powerful Madimack GT Freedom i45 Pool Cleaner, an engineered masterpiece featuring an advanced lithium-ion battery for longer run-times up to 4.5 hours on a single charge, enhanced performance, and unbeatable durability. This cordless cleaner adapts effortlessly to any pool size or shape, delivering a pristine clean without any manual labor. With a DC brushless motor and intelligent navigation, it offers long-lasting and efficient operation. Say goodbye to cords and enjoy the freedom of a hassle-free cleaning experience.

Features : 

  • Equipped with GT Freedom's DC brushless motor and InverMAC enhanced inverter technology.
  • Advanced Lithium-Ion Battery ensures up to 4.5 hours of cleaning with a single charge.
  • Perfect for a 1-month cleaning cycle, providing continuous efficiency.

Active Panel Control:

  • Enjoy flexibility with the ability to set and manage run times, cycle times, and operational display on the unit.
  • Effortlessly control the cleaning schedule to suit your specific needs.

Intelligent Navigation for Double Coverage Efficiency:

  • Powered by highly efficient navigation cleaning technology.
  • Map your pool's surfaces for a more efficient cleaning experience.
  • Advanced systematic dual-drive navigation and intelligent cleaning overcome obstacles seamlessly.

Money Saver:

  • Super energy-efficient design with minimal impact on home energy consumption.
  • Ideal for large pools or those with ample debris, reducing cleaning time and saving on electricity bills.
  • Madimack’s cordless robotic pool cleaners come with a 3-year warranty.

Ultimate Pool Cleaning:

  • Quick and thorough cleaning in minutes, covering the entire pool area and walls.
  • Internal filtering system removes debris such as leaves, silt, algae, and harmful bacteria.
  • Improves water circulation and reduces chemical usage, contributing to a healthier pool environment.
  • GT Freedom’s magnetic filter basket is spacious, preventing clogs and efficiently collecting large debris.

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