Spa Life pH Minus pH Reducer 950g

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Spa Life is a dry granular material used to safely lower the pH levels of your swimming pools water. It is designed to lower high pH values in your swimming pool as required, and it also helps prevent scaling and protects your pool equipment from wear and tear. Spa Life PH Minus works with most types of swimming pools. PH Minus does not disinfect and is not a chlorine replacement.

Spa Life PH Minus Operation Tips:

It is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that the pH of your swimming pool be maintained in the range of 7.0 – 7.2.
The effectiveness of chlorine as a sanitizer is significantly reduced as the pH level in your pool rises. At a pH of 8.0, nearly all of the chlorine being added to the pool is rendered ineffective, and it will be almost impossible to maintain a satisfactory free chlorine reading in the pool. Over chlorinating your swimming pool will cause an increase in pH levels and reduce the effectiveness of the chlorine added. Maintain a chlorine level of 1-3 ppm and do not super chlorinate unless necessary. Use Spa Life PH Minus to reduce the level of PH in your swimming pool when required. Check your pools’ PH levels on a daily basis, and make adjustments when ever it is necessary.