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Spa Life pH Plus pH+ pH Booster 750g

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Spa Life PH Plus is a dry granular material used to raise the pH of hot tubwater. Prepare your hot tub with Spa life pH Plus. This product raises the pH level of the water.

Bathing water that is low in pH can be corrosive to hot tub pumps, heat exchangers and damage the the acrylic shell, and acidic water high in pH consumes chlorine residue faster and will cause bather discomfort and eye irritation. Spa Life pH plus is a powdered additive that can be used to raise the pH to a desirable level. However, too high a pH level and the effectiveness of all chlorine sanitizer's starts to decrease. Always aim for a safe pH level. It is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that the pH of your hot tubl be maintained in the range of 7.0 – 7.2.


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