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Zorbie Hot Tub Water Bobble Scum Sponge

by Zorbie
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    Choose The World Famous "Zorbie Hot Tub Water Bobble" for Spas!

    The easiest way to way to keep your hot tub water clear and reduce the amount of hot tub chemicals needed to maintain the water is to remove all the contaminants from the water. The Zorbie hot tub water bobble or often called the scumbug for hot tub is an excellent and easy way to remove some of the floating contaminants from your hot tub water.

    Floating contaminants in hot tub water can be things like body oils that come off your body in the hot tub, makeup, body lotions and hair care products. If these contaminants remain in the hot tub water it can cause the hot tub water to go cloudy, take on a strong foul odour and require a lot more hot tub chemicals to just keep the water clear.

    When you have the Zorbie hot tub water bobble floating in your hot tub it absorbs all the floating contaminants removing them from the water reducing the stress on the hot tubs filter and the amount of chemicals needed to keep the water sparkling clean and odour free. Zorbie hot tub water bobbles typically last about 60 – 90 days, then they need to be replaced. They cannot be washed, rinsed or cleaned. You’ll know when it’s time to replace the Zorbie as it will start to sink in the hot tub water, the more contaminants it absorbs from the water the heavier it gets.


    • Reduces Foul Odours
    • Reduces Foaming
    • Absorbs Body & Suntan Oils
    • Helps Keep Water Crystal Clear

    Frequently Asked Questions about the Zorbie

    Q. What does "Scientific Formula" mean exactly?

    A. Zorbie "Water Bobbles" are a unique product, made by mixing components in a proprietary formula. The components used have an innate negative electrostatic charge. The resulting finished product retains this charge and are called "Zorbie Hot Tub & Pool Bobbles".

    Q. How does an "Ionic Exchange" work?

    A. Weakly bound, singly charged (monovalent) ions such as sodium and chloride are continually displaced. More highly charged, doubly charged (divalent) ions such as sulfate, ammonia or phosphate replace them, throughout the life of the Zorbie Hot Tub & Pool Bobbles. It is ammonia that creates a growth environment for bacteria.

    Q. What does "adsorb" mean?

    A. The electrostatic charge found in Zorbie Hot Tub & Pool Bobbles, allows it to initiate an ionic exchange process to "ADSORB" as well as "ABSORB".

    Q. How does "adsorption" work in my Hot Tub?

    A. When the tub cover is on, the portion of the Water Bobble that is above the water level is in continual reaction with the tub’s sealed environment.

    Q. Why does it "absorb" better than other products?

    A. Zorbie Hot Tub & Pool Bobbles are oleophilic (attracts oil) and it’s formula mix and production procedures create a unique, interconnected, cellular framework. The open cell structure creates networks of cavities throughout the foam, allowing oils to penetrate deep within. This feature combined with fact that Zorbie Hot Tub & Pool Bobbles is hydrophobic (repels water), is what makes it the most superior oil absorbent in the market.

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    Gordon A.
    Canada Canada
    **** Sponge

    Very good product

    Scott T.
    Canada Canada
    Great deal! Fast shipping, great communication!

    I had never heard of these Zorbie sponges before, was skeptical. They really work!

    Shelley P.
    Canada Canada
    Great service

    Quickly delivered and received exactly what I ordered. I wouldn’t hesitate to place another order

    Brenda S.
    Canada Canada

    Will definitely use it again. Helps keep hot tub from getting foamy.

    dean C.
    Great Product

    We use Bobble **** Sponge all the time in our hot tub. It works great and would recommend it for anybody to use. The only issue I have is the price. it's seems to me the price is a little much for what you get even though they work great.