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Get ready for Summer- Yay!!

Get ready for Summer- Yay!!

We know that it seems like a long way off but the summer will be here before you know it. There are a lot of things to do to get ready for it. One of the things that crosses the minds of most folks is whether or not to get an in ground swimming pool. For some this is a question that comes up every spring. In my opinion if this is something that comes up that frequently, then maybe you should look into it a bit more. More and more of us are getting in ground pools these days and it just goes to show that maybe they aren’t that just for the rich and famous any more. It used to seem like an in ground swimming pool was something that only the upper class folks were able to afford. This is not the case anymore. In ground swimming pools are becoming more affordable as time goes on. I think that this is due to the fact that the materials being used to build in ground swimming pools are changing. Along with the materials changing, the way that the pools are built is changing as well.

With the cost of travel going up the backyard staycation is becoming a well known idea. This is the idea that instead of spending money each year to go on an elaborate vacation, we are now spending our money on our own backyards. Updating the landscaping, installing a swimming pool, and having a pergola built are just a few ways in which we are creating a unique backyard experience. This is something that I would personally recommend. Instead of spending all of your money on a vacation that  only lasts for maybe a week or so. You can instead save that money and reinvest it in your own backyard. If you plan this out properly you could likely improve your entire backyard complete with pool for the cost of what many people were spending on a pool alone ten years ago.

Backyard swimming pool | Pool Store CanadaLets break this down into individual components. To start lets look at the pool itself. I would recommend starting with the design of the pool, only because this component will likely take up the most space in your backyard. When deciding on the design and size of your pool you should determine why you want a pool to begin with and take that into consideration. Some people get a pool to give their families a place to have fun. Some people get a pool to have a nice place to relax. The reason you want a pool to begin with may be a contributing factor in the size and shape of the pool. Once you have that figured out you can then determine what type of landscaping will compliment it well. Many people will incorporate a nice patio area next to the pool. This would give you a place to entertain or relax after a long day. There are also many different types of patio styles to choose from. Websites like Pintrest and Houzz are great places to get ideas and inspiration for backyard staycations. Some people have great success by simply talking with their Landscaper first. Typically they can provide you with a drawing of the pool you wish to include to scale . 

Regardless of how you go about creating your backyard staycation, the point is that it is in your best interest to do so. In theory it would likely pay for itself over time by saving you money that you would have spent on vacations. The other benefit is that it would allow you to create you very own resort in your own back yard, and allow you to customize it to your personal tastes. If you want a nice place to entertain guests, or if you are looking more for a source of entertainment for your family, a pool is a wonderful way to go.

For more information on the backyard staycation as well as general swimming pool information, please check out the rest of my blog, and feel free to comment. If there is something that is not clear or something that you want more information on just let me know and I will do my very best to address it.

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