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Sun Shine and Lazy warm nights are Hot Tub time

It's here! The spring sunshine has come and it's time to relax in the Hot Tub on those long warm lazy summer evenings with family and friends (maybe a crafty drink as well).

While relaxing and chatting with your family let's not forget that a clean Hot Tub is a happy Hot Tub. Just 5 minutes per day with Ultra Cleaning Mitt will keep your beautiful Hot Tub shining like new and also removes the water scum line that can form.

As you know a clean Hot Tub is a lot of fun and the most important part of a Hot Tub is the cartridge filter. Keeping the filter clean will help keep the water crystal clear and enticing, but a clean filter will also improve the circulation and help to heat the water faster and so save costs. Hear are a couple of great products to make filter cleaning easy.

Those clever people at Life Spa have come up with a great invention to keep your filter cartridge clean so you have more time to relax and have fun – Life Spa Water-Wand Cartridge Filter Cleaner easily cleans your cartridge filter with the specially designed designed fins that separate each filter pleat, while jetting water into the filter to remove even the most stubborn of dirt and to make it even better it easily attaches to your garden hose. 

Using a cartridge filter cleaner will remove all the oils and grease from the filter material and improve the flow of circulation, keeping the hot tub jets powerful and improving the heating, and so save money. 

To keep your filter cartridge clean you should soak it in a bucket of cleaning solution such as Spa Life's Filter Free . Simply add the correct amount of Filter Free to a bucket of warm water, place your cartridge filter in the bucket (making sure it's totally submerged) and then leave for 24 hours. Remove after 24 hours and wash off with a hose or the Life Spa Water-Wand to remove any excess cleaning solution. Leave the cartridge filter to dry and then place back into your hot tub.

Always remember, you need to make sure that a cartridge filter is in the hot tub! Failure to do so will let debris flow into the pumps and heater and this can be very expensive to repair.

Before I go, Always remember to check the sanitizer level with test strips or a testing kit to keep the Chlorine or Bromine correct. When adding any hot tub  chemical to your hot tub, always wait at least 2 hours to allow the chemicals to mix – when adding chlorine or bromine you should also leave the hot tub cover open to allow the fumes and gasses to disappear!

So we have covered the basics for a happy hot tub and how to make life easier. I hope you found this helpful and interesting. 

Happy Hot Tub time


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