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Best hot tub chemicals guide 2023 | Pool Store Canada

A Guide to the Best Hot Tub Chemicals of 2023

After spending on average around $7,000 on a good hot tub, you want to ensure you keep it clean and well-maintained. It is important to get your use out of a good investment such as this, but it can be hard to know which products to use without trying them all out. For example, do you know which chemicals would be good for use in a hot tub and what they can do for you?

We have provided details on several of the best hot tub chemicals you can buy in various forms in 2023. They exist in several of the hot tub maintenance and cleaning products you get, so if you see those long words on the back, refer to this article.


Bromine has a long and storied history as one of the many popular types of chemicals that acts as a water disinfectant. These days you can usually find it in tablet form for cleaning pools and spas.

As bromine dissolves slower than chlorine, it has a much longer-lasting effect. This means it works great for people who do not use their hot tubs every day and saves them money in the long run. Thus, it is perfect for people already worried about the investment they made into the tub itself.

Another reason it is popular is because it is much less harsh on human skin than chlorine. Because of this, hot tub owners who want a much more comfortable experience, tend to use this option. This is especially true if they know people with chlorine allergies who they might want to entertain.

Over the years, people have used bromine more, especially in warmer climates due to the effects of changing weather patterns. As we move into 2023, expect that to continue, as Canada's climate shifts due to long-term changes.


Chlorine is the classic chemical everyone knows about. It has existed as a staple for swimming pool sanitization for decades, so long that many urban legends exist about it. A more popular myth is that it can turn urine a different colour, usually spread by parents who want to prevent their children from purposely peeing.

It works by killing off bacteria and viruses in the pool, by breaking the chemical bonds in their body's molecules. This leads to the infectious agents ceasing to act as effective vectors for illness. The chemical is so effective at this that it offers significant peace of mind to those who might use it, whether it be in a pool, hot tub, or elsewhere.

Another reason this chemical is so popular is that it is very cost-effective. Much like bromine, it is very practical and does not cost much. Thus it is easy to buy enough to engage in hot tub care over a long time.

You can also adjust the level of chlorine in water with little effort, allowing people to change its water concentration easily. This is very useful in such a space as a hot tub, where small alterations can have a larger effect. It also comes in many forms, such as tablets, granules, and liquids, offering different options for application.

Natural Enzymes

Over the past decade, natural enzymes have increased in popularity alongside chitosan. They emulate the biological processes in most natural water sources by breaking down organic matter in the tub. This means they leave behind a cleaner spa without the use of harsh chemicals.

Enzymes can start to break down material such as:

  • Lotions
  • Oils
  • Organic contaminants

Because of this, it reduces the likelihood of scum forming on the surface of the pool that might be a result of such contaminants. Using these enzymes means you will not need to replace the water nearly as often.

By offering extra cleaning power, you will also not need to change out any filter with as much frequency. As a bonus, it is unlikely you will need to perform maintenance of any water filtration system, as it will not need to work as hard to perform the same job.

One of the other benefits of using such enzymes is how they can work alongside many of the other options in this list. You can filter the water with bromine and chlorine, and natural enzymes will still do their job. This ensures you can continue to use the same water for much longer and that it retains its fresh and clean look.

Why Balance Your Hot Tub?

You must ensure the comfort of people who use the hot tub by making sure its contents remain safe to immerse oneself in. If you do not, people may end up developing physical symptoms they could trace back to your spa.

Both the balance of the tub's pH and alkalinity levels can impact the comfort of its users.

pH Balance

Should you neglect to balance the pH levels in the tub, you may discover those who use the tub develop irritation on their skin or even their eyes. pH level is how acidic or alkaline the water is, and a tub that drifts farther into one will cause harm to a bather.

As well as causing bodily harm, acid or alkaline may also cause corrosion in the hot tub's equipment. The plumping, pump, or other parts might receive damage, and as they cost a lot to repair would impact your wallet.

Alkalinity Balance

Alkalinity is the ability of the water to resist changes in pH. In having high alkalinity, you allow any pH-balancing chemicals to work much easier, saving you money long-term. It also prevents the contents of the tub from drifting too far from a neutral base and stops people from coming to harm or the water from getting cloudy.

Where Do You Get the Best Hot Tub Chemicals?

Of course, knowing about the best hot tub chemicals is useless without also having information on where to buy them. This is where we can help you out, as we have a wide array of products available for any prestigious hot tub owner.

We would be happy to help you find what you need to have the highest-quality spa experience possible. So get in contact with Pool Store Canada, and we can start you on your journey today.

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