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Outdoor sauna guide

Outdoor sauna guide

Saunas have been in use for centuries, and for many countries like Finland, they're a regular part of the culture, with over 2 million saunas in use. But they're good for more than just relaxation and stress relief. Saunas have major health benefits that include decreased chronic pain, lower inflammation levels, and better heart health.

If you're thinking of getting a sauna for your home, you'll be taking steps to improve your health and well-being. But the process can be overwhelming at first. Learning about the different types of saunas will help you make the best choice for your needs.

Read on to learn more about the different types of saunas you can choose for your home.

Different Types of Saunas

When getting a sauna for your home, you'll have a few options to consider. Wood-burning and electric saunas are the most common for homes and the easiest to install, so we'll take an in-depth look at these two types of saunas next.

Wood-Burning Saunas

Wood-burning saunas are traditional saunas and you may also hear them referred to as Finnish or "dry" saunas.

A dry sauna is a classic sauna that's typically in a room lined with wood like cedar. No moisture is added to the air so the relative humidity stays lower, usually between 10 to 20%.

You may have also heard of wet saunas and it can be easy to confuse the two. Essentially, humidity levels make the biggest difference between them. Wet saunas have high humidity levels while dry saunas feel more like you're in the desert.

Wood-burning saunas have a wood stove that heats stones which eventually heats the entire sauna. The wood stove will heat a sauna to temperatures of 140 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wood-burning saunas do take longer to heat up, averaging around 45 to 60 minutes. They also don't allow you to set a specific temperature.

However, wood-burning sauna benefits include being more eco-friendly when using sustainable wood and giving off a more authentic feel. You'll also have an easier time with sauna installation since you won't have to bother with electrical work.

Electric Saunas

If you're looking for a home sauna with an upgrade, you'll want to check out electric saunas.

Much like wood-burning sauna styles, electric saunas use heater stones. However, the difference is they use electricity to generate heat.

The great thing about electric saunas is that they're more flexible than wood-burning saunas. For example, you can install them outdoors or indoors. Electric saunas also have better temperature control since they have a thermostat type of switch.

This allows you to adjust the temperature to your preferences. In addition, electric saunas take half the time to heat up as wood-burning saunas. Just like wood-burning saunas, electric saunas have low humidity levels and you can pour water over the heater stones to create steam.

However, they can increase your power bills and you may miss out on that authentic sauna feel.

Different Styles of Saunas

Next, you'll want to get a good idea of the common sauna styles you'll see during your search. These include:

Cabin Saunas

Cabin saunas are traditional square boxes usually with cedar shingles and a peaked metal roof. They also come with a bench for seating 2 to 6 people. It also includes an exit chimney on the side of the sauna.

This is a great option if you need a larger sauna for multiple people. You'll also be able to choose between electric or wood-burning.

The Georgian Cabin Sauna from Pool Store Canada is a great dry sauna option and comes ready to assemble. You'll even get access to an installation video.

Barrel Saunas

Barrel saunas are much like a cross between small cabins and wine barrels. In fact, they literally look like a giant wine barrel from the outside. The rounded design allows for optimal airflow while you're using it.

Barrel saunas can fit between 2 and 4 people comfortably and are a good choice if you have a small family or prefer solo sauna use.

The Harmony White Cedar Barrel Sauna gives you wood-burning or electric options. It arrives ready to assemble and has a durable finish.

How to Choose the Right Type of Sauna for Your Needs

First, you'll need to think about your sauna goals. For example, do you simply want to unwind in a sauna after a long day at work? Are you looking to address health issues and plan to spend more time in the sauna?

Some people also enjoy saunas as a relaxing social time. So think carefully about how you plan to use your sauna before diving into a purchase.

Other considerations include:


The good news is you can find plenty of affordable saunas on the market today, but you still need to plan a budget. Sauna prices can range from $1,500 to $12,000 depending on the size, type, and upgrades you want.

Remember, your budget should be in line with your sauna goals. In addition, purchasing a quality sauna can help you avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Sauna

As a homeowner, it's essential to assess your space. If you want your sauna indoors, then an electric sauna is your best option. If you have a larger backyard space, then a wood-burning sauna can serve as a natural and eco-friendly option.

Keep in mind that any electric sauna will need a qualified electrician for installation.

Find the Perfect Sauna for Your Home

Now that you know more about the different types of saunas, it will be much easier to find one that fits your home perfectly.

You can turn to Pool Store Canada for all your sauna needs. We were founded to give people a place they can trust for high-quality saunas, hot tubs, and pool supplies including equipment, systems, and parts.

We also have a range of water care products like pool chemicals, hot tub chemicals, and water testing.

We make it our mission to provide you with the best products and customer service in all of Canada. We're committed to helping you achieve a stress-free time with your sauna, hot tub, or pool.

Make sure to visit us online to browse through our selection of outdoor saunas to find the perfect one for you.

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