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8 Striking Hot Tub Lighting Ideas That Are Sure to Cause a Splash

8 Striking Hot Tub Lighting Ideas That Are Sure to Cause a Splash

Hot tubs are often the centerpiece of an intimate, relaxing night or a vibrant party. To help you get in the mood, though, you may need the right lighting to prevent the feature from being little more than a communal bath. Do you know how to give your hot tub sessions that extra oomph it needs?

You need some unique hot tub lighting ideas, and we have just the thing. Specialized hot tub lighting can transform this secluded area into the perfect place to soak. So, read on and learn more about your options if you want to level up your relaxation game.

1. Submersible LEDs

Most LED lighting options come in a wide range of colours and functions so you can change the mood of your tub to match different occasions. By having the LEDs underwater, you also create an ambient atmosphere that suffuses the area.

While you may have some safety concerns related to underwater lighting, you need not worry about these devices due to their low voltage. They are around the same size as LED tea lights, so they will not cause electric shocks like some other more powerful options. Such waterproof lights are also likely to be durable due to their protective casing, allowing you to use them for much longer.

2. Romantic Floating Lanterns

Knowing how to choose lights for hot tubs includes understanding the state of the water when you use it. For example, you would use floating lanterns when you expect the water to be calmer. This would include when spending a slow, intimate evening with a loved one.

Floating lanterns also let out a much softer glow than many other options, offering an exotic or romantic touch to a hot tub.

If you do not plan to get in the tub, these lights can also allow for a sense of ambiance. They turn the tub into a mystical "pond", with floating lanterns offering beautiful reflections.

3. Underwater Fiber Optics

Instead of completely lighting up a hot tub using fiber optics, it is possible to produce a star-like pattern on the tub's floor and walls.

These installations are both heat-free and energy-efficient, as they only light up the ends of each strand of fiber. This makes it much more cost-effective than other options, and also much safer due to the low power used.

Despite these advantages, you may want to discuss installation with a professional. Fiber optics can be complex, and you are likely to want to get it right the first time.

4. Smart Lights

When many people scour for hot tub ideas, it is common for them to consider letting a device handle all the hard work for them. Instead of switching the lighting on yourself, why not get the home to do it all for you?

Smart lights often have a user-friendly interface that allows you to control all the settings of the hot tub's lighting. It will turn on and off depending on the time of day, temperature, or several other factors to make your life easier. You may need to shop around for one that suits your needs, though, as they may not all work with your phone's operating system.

5. Syncing Lights to Music

Do you throw big parties? If so, getting lights for hot tubs means more than activating and deactivating them yourself. Instead, having a set that automatically changes in time to music will add a level of excitement to any evening.

Pick up a device that is going to be waterproof, though. Many LED lights exist that can sync to music, though they are not all intended for underwater use. You also need to ensure it is compatible with your music platform of choice.

6. Simple Wall Lighting

Sometimes the simplest option is the best choice. Simple, focused lighting can create lighting that shows off the hot tub area in a sophisticated manner.

These features also tend to be very low maintenance and do not need to sit near the hot tub itself. They also allow for multiple different lighting methods, including:

  • Spotlights
  • Recessed lighting
  • Hidden LED strips

Each of these has its own mood and can create the type of ambiance you would prefer in the hot tub area. So, work with a professional to figure out what type of lighting would be best for you.

7. Tiki Torches and Fire Pits

Instead of electronic lights, you can offer a sense of exotic flair by using natural light to offer a warm, flickering glow. While artificial methods to create this mood exist, they are never as exciting as a real torch or fire pit. They work both for casual meetups as well as romantic evenings, so you can expect them to see a lot of use over time.

One of the other benefits of such lights is how they can offer a small amount of heat, too. On cooler nights, you can get out of the hot tub and warm yourself by the fire pit while continuing conversations.

8. Lights in Water Features

By incorporating lights into jets and waterfalls, you can create a light show every time you use the feature. People love to know the hot tub is more "alive", and waterfalls are great for gentle massages or playful splashing. With careful installation, the water jets can even act as a form of fiber optics, transferring ambient light into wherever the water lands.

The constant running of water also creates a form of white noise, which can often help with relaxation. In short, lights and water features can work with many different moods and ages to improve your hot tub experience.

Making Your Hot Tub Lighting Ideas a Reality

Taking your hot tub experience to the next level demands a game-changer in the area of hot tub lighting ideas. To help get you there, Pool Store Canada has everything you need.

We are a one-stop shop for all your pool needs in Canada. So, check out what we have in our shop and make us your hot tub design partner today.

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