Gecko 'YJ' Series IN.YJ-2 pack with IN.K200

by Gecko
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Aeware controller for spa. in.yj supports 2 configurable outputs, and is compatible with the 4kW heater (sold separately) and a standard 12V DC light (6W max). Ideal for entry level spas with pump 1 with 1 or 2 speeds and ozonator tied to pump 1 low. Direct connection for Audio available. (the output voltage can be configured on the board). Compatible with the in.touch Wi-Fi module.  

The Gecko YJ-2 Series bundle includes:

  • IN.YJ-2 Spa pack 
    Can run 1 pump- 2 speed 120V or 240v pump up to 3HP (Max 10amps on high speed and 3amps on low speed)
  • Heater: Heat.wav 4kw with 240V supply and 1Kw with 120V supply.
  • Easy to use 4 button topside control panel: in.k200-1OP (BDLK2001OP)
  • Cables: Light (9920-400489)
  • Adaptor plate for the topside control panel 
  • 2 year limited manufacturers warranty

Gecko YJ series handy guides:

Please make sure that the spa pack is correct as this item can not be returned

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