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7 Fun Hot Tub Maintenance Hacks

7 Fun Hot Tub Maintenance Hacks

Do you want to keep your hot tub in tip-top shape? Relaxing in hot, bubbling water is so relaxing- as long as your hot tub is clean and well-maintained. Hot tub maintenance can be tricky, but we have provided a few of our favorite hot tub maintenance hacks to make your life easier. Follow a few of these tricks and your hot tub will remain clean, without costing a fortune or taking up too much of your time.

Prop the Cover in Warm Weather

We obviously love our hot tubs to be hot, but extremely warm weather can overheat our hot tubs. Use two sections of a pool noodle to prop the insulated cover. The hot tub will vent and the water will cool a bit to provide some relief from the summer heat. Another way to keep the water from getting too hot is to keep the air control valves open during the summer months.

Throw in a Scumbug

Sunscreen, deodorant, and body oils can make for a dirty hot tub. If you battle an oily film in your hot tub after each use, try this simple hack. Throw a Scumbug into the hot tub after each use. The Scumbug will float around the hot tub and absorb the oily debris from the water. Once it has worked its buggy magic, throw it into the washing machine for the next use. Scumbugs absorb up to 40 times their weight in oils and lotion.

Clean Your Hot Tub Cover

We are typically so focused on ensuring that our hot tub water is clean and healthy that we may forget about our hot tub cover. The covers are subject to condensation as the hot tub heats or cools and can start to grow mildew. If you notice a musty smell when removing your hot tub cover, it is time to clean it. We recommend using diluted bleach (10 parts water to 1 part bleach) to wipe down your hot tub cover. Give it a good final rinse, spray with a protectant, and place it back on your hot tub.

Rotate Filters

Use your hot tub anytime without having to worry about a dirty filter. Rotate between two filters so that your hot tub always has a clean filter. Remove the dirty filter, rinse and soak overnight while the clean one is working. Now your spare filter will be ready when the current one gets dirty.

Fill Your Hot Tub with Filtered Water

Whether you are filling your hot tub or just topping it off, the water that comes from our hoses is not always the cleanest. Before adding water to your hot tub from a hose, add a water filter to the end of your hose. Filtering the water that goes into your hot tub will allow you to use fewer chemicals and will help keep your hot tub clean and free from contaminants.

Remove Grit and Debris

Every time you use your hot tub, some grit and debris will find its way to the bottom. Over time, this accumulation can cause problems. Remove the grit and debris on a regular basis using a handy little tool called the Grit-Gitter. The clever hand-held device sucks grit up from hard-to-reach areas and tight corners. This little cleaner is always within reach for quick clean-ups.

Don't Allow Your Hot Tub to Freeze

Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on hot tubs and equipment. If you live in a climate where freezing temperatures are common, take precautions to protect your hot tub from winter weather. If it looks like there's a chance the temperature will drop below freezing, keep your hot tub filled and running at a normal temperature. If that isn't possible and the freezing temps will be prolonged, drain and winterize your hot tub.

Bonus Hack- Have Fun!

Hot tubs aren't just for sitting and soaking. Fun lights and games can be added to your hot tub to create a soaking fun zone. Check out a few of our favorites.

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